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Poster presentation program

Posters dimensions:

The posters should be printed in A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm), portrait format.

The posters will be displayed during all conference days, from Monday to Friday.

Printing posters service:

The conference offers a service of poster printing.

The authors who want to use this service (price: 25 €) should send an e-mail to using the subject “Poster EPNOE”, and send the poster in a pdf file with A0 dimensions, portrait. The service also includes poster handling to the exposition place and its exhibition.

Poster size: A0

Poster price: 25 €, payment by bank transfer (for details, please contact

Deadline of posters submission for printing: 15th October 2019



Thematic sessions:

Physical properties of polysaccharides;
Advanced Analytical methods;
Polysaccharides based fibers and regenerated cellulose;
Building and Construction;
Marine Polysaccharides;
Surface Science and Chemical and Enzymatic Modification of polysaccharides;
Polysaccharides for biomedical applications;
Cellulose hemicellulose interactions;
Structure of plant cell wall polysaccharides;
Starch modification and applications;
Nanoforms of polysaccharides;
Microbial polysaccharides;
Biosynthesis and biocatalytic routes for polysaccharide synthesis and modification;
Membranes, filtration and environmental applications;
Polysaccharides in 3D printing and other additive manufacturing techniques;
Polysaccharides for drug delivery;
Food applications;
Polysaccharides in the formulation of multiphase systems;
Polysaccharide based Nanocomposites;
Polysaccharides in Smart Materials;
Recycling, biodegradation and environmental assessment;

Porous materials from polysaccharides (co-organised with COST AERoGELS - COST Action CA18125)







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